A modern, versatile, more comfortable meditation cushion



Connection, it's all about connection. It's connection with others and connection with yourself. Spend time with... get to know... and do this without judgement.      Find wisdom, happiness, peace, calm, creativity and an ease in life, then bring this into your everyday life.

Adds energy and clarity to my practice. It’s one of the best cushions that I’ve found for posture and lower back support! The shape does a great job of raising the hips above the knees and allowing the spine to lengthen.
— Tai

Sitting, being, not thinking about how your legs are falling asleep and how your butt hurts, (because you are actually comfortable). Just sitting and being, maybe playing with the kids, or dogs, maybe in the park listening to some music or hanging with friends, maybe reading or working on the computer. Or just sitting, being.

How will you use it?

Be a little more mellow by sitting everyday on a mello{be}