Can you be forgetful and mindful?

We so often think in either/or scenarios. I am either this or that. When this is rarely true about any part of our lives. We are neither good or bad, we are a mixture of both.

We also think if we profess to train at something like kickboxing or skeet shooting,  etc. we should automatically be an expert at it. If you know anything about golf and golfers, even the professionals have off days more often than not.

So, I say you should spend time in your day being with this moment as often as you can. There is no rule that says you should always be mindful or they will kick you out of the mindfulness club. We are imperfect beings. We fall off the wagon on a regular basis.

The key is with mindfulness is to know this will happen, notice that it has happened, again, treat this forgetful moment with kindness and non- judgement and move on. There are times when we truly need to stay with what’s happening now. Like when you have small children in your care, are driving or operating machinery and so on. But most of the time we can relax on the self criticism and ignore the inner critic. As soon as you realize you have been lost in thought,  just bring yourself to this present moment, feel your feet on the ground, notice any smells or sounds. If there is a person present really be with this person, notice the all the colors in their eyes, the sound of their voice and let them know you are listening.

You’ll find once you let go of getting upset with yourself for being lost in thought again, it will be easier to come back to now.