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A Little Obsessive

I am Corinne Bates, and I am the daughter of melloBe’s CEO and founder, Julia Bates. My mom created the melloBe for me when my chronic illness, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), was at its worst. She had read about the impact meditation can have on the autonomic nervous system. Unfortunately sitting up straight in …

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Why Now?

Now to answer the  “why now” question. I hear from people everyday how stressed they are, how stressed their children are and so on. We live in a world that is so different from any world any other humans lived in, in the history of man. We have access to most anything we want in …

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mello{be} is live!

ANNOUNCING OUR NEW WEBSITE AND ONLINE STORE! This post marks the start of a new chapter – the launch of mellobe.co! We are thrilled to share our meditation cushions, and thought you might like hearing our story. mello{be} began seven years ago, when my daughter, Corey, became chronically ill. As a mother and nurse, I wanted …

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Research on Neuroplasticity

https://hbr.org/2015/01/mindfulness-can-literally-change-your-brain Research has proven the brain can reorganize itself with Mindful Meditation. In one study by Sara Lazar, MRI  revealed that experienced meditators had a thicker cortex than non-meditators. This was particularly true for brain areas associated with attention, interoception and sensory processing. A study showed increase in grey matter in the brainstem which influences …

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