Mindful in life & work

Mindful Meditation helps you face life with greater resilience, patience, openness and compassion.

Featured Classes

6 Week introduction to mindful meditation

S.I.T. Six week Introductory training in Mindfulness (6 weekly 2 hour classes)

Guided meditation events

Guided meditations at various locations in San Antonio and Boerne area

Mello{Be} is a comfortable meditation cushion

Watch this video to learn about the comfort you can find in sitting on the floor on a mello{be} cushion we designed.

About Julia

I have been an RN for 30 years, I found meditation that I learned at 17 years old helped me with controlling my emotions while a Pedi ICU nurse. It allowed to be more effective and be a more compassionate nurse. After my own daughter developed a chronic illness at 13 years old, I found my meditation practice not only helped me with my stress, but helped her with her symptoms. I decided to learn to teach Mindful Meditation to help others deal with life and all that comes with it. I became a Certified Mindful Meditation Teacher June 2017 after 2 years of taking online classes and 1 year in person training with The Mindfulness Training Institute with Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman in San Francisco.

Teaching Mindful Meditation Introductory Classes

A 12 hour introductory to mindful meditation class. Learn the why’s and hows to find your calm, but curious mind. Mindfulness is not about achieving a certain state of consciousness, but having relationship with your present experience. Knowing what’s really happening right now, rather than perceiving or denying it. Allowing you to respond rather that react. Giving you some control over your life and choosing happiness.San Antonio Meditation Teacher Inviting a present awareness to develop a culture of engaging with ourselves and each other with more kindness and compassion.

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