Frequently Asked Questions

mello{be} cushions are made with a uniquely contoured (Patent Pending) foam piece, buckwheat hull filled liner, While the cover is made of varying materials.

​Yes! Our cushions have a Patent Pending foam insert at their base that opens your hips, straightens your back, and relaxes your shoulders. The insert is covered by buckwheat hulls, which conform to your butt and thighs to support your weight points.

Buckwheat hulls are the outside coverings of buckwheat. You may have had buckwheat pancakes before! While the hulls are often thrown away, they have been used as bedding for over 1,000 years. We use buckwheat hull as stuffing for a number of reasons! It doesn’t break down or burn easily, it doesn’t conduct heat (like synthetic filler), it provides heft for stability, its reuse is good for the environment, and it is durable. If you find your cushion needs a little more filling, you can easily just add another pound or two as desired!

Allergy to buckwheat is rare (it’s considered hypo-allergenic!)  but can happen. Reactions usually occur by consumption, but rare cases of asthma have been reported. Our cushion has an internal liner and external cover, which reduces respiratory exposure. Be sure to check with your Dr. if you think this may be a problem. Wheezing during meditation is not encouraged!

The foam we use is very firm (it’s used in luxury cars!), but could break down over time with lots of good meditation practice! You can order a replacement by contacting us here. 

Sure! You can buy extra covers if you want a different design or level of tension. You may want to change covers with the seasons, or maybe have different covers for indoor and outdoor activities! (We recommend trying your mello{be} with an outdoor fabric while camping, at music festivals, or picnics.)

mello{be} cushions are very customizable! Try removing or adding more buckwheat hulls if your cushion feels too soft or firm. You can also try out a different cover if you want more/less surface tension. If you’re still having trouble, shoot us an email ( and we’ll help you troubleshoot 🙂 If you still aren’t happy after troubleshooting, we’re happy to use our money back guarantee and refund your purchase.

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