Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping is free!

Our cushions are shipped with love from San Antonio, Texas. It will take about a week to get them to you.

You can return your cushion at any time at no cost as long as it is in good condition. We would love to hear your feedback, too as we want to make the best product possible. Send us a message at


The foam we use is very firm (it’s used in luxury cars!), but could break down over time with lots of good meditation practice! You can order a replacement by emailing us at

Sure! You can buy extra covers to switch up the look and feel of your cushion. Email us at with the color of cover that you would like to get started. You may want to change covers with the seasons, or have different covers for indoor and outdoor activities! We recommend trying your mello{be} with an outdoor fabric while camping, at music festivals, or picnics. It can be fun to match your cushion to your furniture, too!

Follow these step-by-step instructions, or refer to the video below:

  1. Unzip the cover and remove the bag of buckwheat hulls and the foam piece from inside your cushion. Start with the foam piece. You may have to tug a little, since the foam and the hulls are designed to fit snugly within the cover. Then remove the bag of buckwheat hulls.
  2. Turn the cover inside out.
  3. Wash on cold by hand, or on the delicates cycle of a washing machine.
  4. Air dry or on the delicate cycle of your clothes dryer.
  5. When the cover is fully dry, turn it right side out and reassemble it. 
  6. Now that your mello{be} or worker{be} cover is fully dried, you can begin putting the foam piece and the bag of buckwheat hulls back inside. Start with the buckwheat hull bag, and make sure they are evenly spread out within the cover. Now reinsert the foam piece so it will be below the hulls when you sit. Remember, it is a tight fit, so it may take a minute or two to put back inside. Zip up the cover and go back to using your cushion. Happy sitting!


mello{be} cushions are very customizable! If your cushion feels too firm, try removing some buckwheat hulls. Similarly, if it is too soft, adding more can make it a little more solid. You can also try out a different cover if you want a different texture or amount of tension. If you need more buckwheat hulls or are having any issues, send us an email at and we’ll help you troubleshoot.  We want to make sure everyone can love our cushions, so your feedback is crucial to furthering our mission. If you still aren’t happy, we have a money-back guarantee and will gladly refund your purchase.

Our cushions have a patented foam insert at their base that tilts your pelvis forward, opening your hips, straightening your back, and relaxing your shoulders. The insert is covered by buckwheat hulls, which conform to your butt and thighs to make you comfortable.


We make our cushions with a patented foam piece, a cloth liner filled with buckwheat hulls, and a durable external cover. The materials of each cover vary by color.

Buckwheat hulls are the outside coverings of buckwheat. You may have had buckwheat pancakes or soba noodles before! Hulls have been used as bedding for over 1,000 years. Continuing this tradition is good for the environment, as the hulls are often discarded in preparation for cooking. Unlike synthetic filler, the hulls don’t break down, burn easily, or conduct much heat. As you sit, your body will settle into the hulls, lending stability and firmness to your seat. If you find your cushion needs a little more filling, you can easily just add another pound or two as desired!

Allergy to buckwheat is rare (it’s considered hypo-allergenic!) but as with most anything it can happen. Reactions usually occur by consumption, but rare cases of asthma have been reported. Our cushion has an internal liner and external cover, which reduces respiratory exposure. Despite its name, buckwheat is unrelated to wheat and contains no gluten. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have had previous reactions to items containing buckwheat. Wheezing during meditation is not encouraged!

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