mello{be} is live!


This post marks the start of a new chapter – the launch of! We are thrilled to share our meditation cushions, and thought you might like hearing our story.

mello{be} began seven years ago, when my daughter, Corey, became chronically ill. As a mother and nurse, I wanted to give her the best care possible. An important piece of that meant helping her manage the stress of her illness, and mindfulness was a natural solution.

I have had an on-and-off relationship with mindfulness for the past 40 years. I’ve used mindfulness meditation to manage stress, help my patients, and slow life down. Given this new immediate need, my “on-and-off” relationship turned fully on. I took online classes, read books about mindfulness, watched YouTube videos, and practiced mindfulness daily. I began working with my daughter to help her manage her illness.

Little by little, Corey plugged into this whole ‘mindfulness thing’ her mom was pushing. But she struggled to sit on traditional meditation cushions, and discomfort interrupted her practice. To ease our pain, I created my own meditation cushion. Designed to make meditation comfortable and enjoyable, it also ended up improving our balance, leg and core strength. 

Corey enjoyed the cushion so much that she developed a regular mindfulness meditation practice! Her physical and mental health improved, and over time she recovered. Today, she is a happy college junior living in her own apartment! Her regular mindfulness practice helps her to regulate her mind and body in the midst of chronic illness.

As Corey recovered, we quickly learned that the cushion could be used for a lot more than meditation. We began using it for yoga, board games, by the pool, and on. It became an amazingly versatile furniture piece in our home!

Fast forward nearly a year, and I found myself accidentally at a Startup Weekend competition, thinking it was a presentation workshop! On a whim, and with lots of encouragement, I ended up pitching my meditation cushions to the group. The mello{be} cushion was chosen as one of the weekend’s startups, and ended up winning crowd favorite!

That weekend confirmed in me that my meditation cushion could help a lot more people than just my daughter and me. I found beautiful fabrics, began producing and selling cushions, incorporated mello{be} Co, and launched this site!

My mission is to create connection through mindfulness. The cushion, my mindfulness meditation practice, all of it…it’s about connection. Connecting with yourself, connecting with the people around you, and connecting with nature.

I am excited to share with you the mello{be} cushion, and sincerely hope it brings you the same comfort, mindfulness and connection it has brought my daughter and myself. We love hearing from you, so please reach out to and tell us what you think.


Julia Bates | Founder & CEO