Mindful Parenting

"Listening to our kids with an open heart & mind is the strongest way to build a relationship with them - especially when they're wrong.”

- Roma Khetarpal

I designed the original mello{be} cushion for my daughter who was suffering from symptoms of a chronic illness.

She was distressed over her physical weakness and wanted to increase her core strength. I created the cushion to encourage her body to sit upright with proper posture. It took a while to get it just right. We worked together, I listened to her suggestions and implemented them.

Being mindful as a parent

As parents, we know that sometimes we have to innovate to provide a solution for our kids. Mindful parenting allows us to approach issues with an open mind and compassion.

Empathy is an important skill for anyone, but parents need to be especially aware of the emotional lives of their children. When children feel heard during everyday conversations, it gives them the confidence to share the more important details and struggles in their lives. Be open to having difficult conversations without needing to control it or make everything better.

Sometimes they just want to talk and we need to just listen.


The book Mindful Parenting in a Messy World was immensely helpful to me both while my daughter was sick and long after. It’s a humorous, honest look into the struggles of being a parent and how mindfulness can relieve some of that stress. I highly recommend it. 

Mindful Games This book by Susan Kaiser Greenland, the author of the Mindful Parent, is a hodgepodge of games for kids, teens, and parents that help us become more mindful and less reactive. You can find it on AmazonBarns & Noble, and on her website