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Our Story

 Julia Bates & Corey Bates April 2018 Happy and Healthy!!!

Julia Bates & Corey Bates April 2018 Happy and Healthy!!!

mello{be} began with a simple idea: a good sitting cushion can change your life.

Julia stopped using her traditional round zafu due to sciatic pain. She was sitting in a chair with cushions for meditation. When her daughter Corey was 16 she was suffering from a debilitating illness. Julia knew mindful meditation would help her with her physical and emotional symptoms, but the traditional cushion was once again too hard and Corey felt unstable on it. After trying a couple of other styles, Julia designed one that encourages the body to sit in an upright position on the floor with comfort and stability. She made it with a modern aesthetic so it could stay in the family room at all times. As Julia began using it for meditation she noticed her sciatic pain was going away. Now she uses it as an every day seat, increasing her hip flexibility, balance and leg strength.

 It is well known our society is spending far to much time sitting in chairs that don't support our bodies in a healthy way.  The chairs at the office or school, the poor support in  "comfy" couches  and our sedentary lifestyle,  is causing an increase in disability due to back pain. Julia created the first mello{be} to alleviate pain in her family. As she felt her posture straighten, her meditation practice improve, and the joy of a beautiful furnishing, she realized this had to be shared.

Our dream is simple: enable mindfulness in your everyday and increase connection with yourself, the people in your life, and the world around you.

You'll be surprised by how many uses you find: meditation, sitting on the floor, picnics, outdoor seating, watching movies, reading in bed...the list goes on. Try one to feel your posture improve, your mind relax, and  :)


mello{be} cushions are designed to sustain proper posture. They feature a foam insert that provides stability while opening your hips, straightening your back, and relaxing your shoulders. The mello{be} cushion promotes a healthy "S" curve in your spine, maintaining posture for long periods of sitting without your legs falling asleep.


mello{be} cushions mirror your body, with a rounded center and long wings under your thighs. Every body is different, and no two people settle into a seat the same way. That's why we use a stuff sack of buckwheat hulls that responds to your body weight by conforming to your pressure points and shape.

Modern Style

Floor and meditation cushions generally aren't the most stylish seating choices. But mello{be} cushions are designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind. Choose from a range of beautiful fabrics and designs so that your mello{be} cushion becomes a furniture piece you want actually want to leave in the open.

mello{be} provides an awesome, stylish (!) product that has helped with posture. I’ve learned to listen to my body both when I’m using the product and during other parts of my day. You’ll feel good and look good using it!
— Adriana
Straight up amazing! Perfect for using it outdoors, and it’s quite durable too. Would highly recommend!
— Sean
I love my mello{be} cushion! The shape of the foam insert and overall shape provide the support needed to sit comfortable in meditation.
— Jodi
Love using the cushion when I’m playing with my bunny. 11/10 for how comfy it is!
— Yumi
My mello{be} cushion has served most importantly, as my destroyer of excuses. Every time I see my cushion, I’m instantly reminded to meditate. The comfort minimizes pain and discomfort. I strongly recommend this product to anyone trying to find a bit of peace in this chaotic world.
— Hitish

Mindful seating

#MindfulSeating helps you pause, show up for the present moment, and feel your body. Not just in meditation - we help you become mindful in everyday life. Connect your mind and body, and become attuned to the world around with #MindfulSeating.