Podcasts of the Summer

"Whether it’s for a laugh or to learn something new, nearly 68 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis ― that’s nearly one in four people across the country."

- Rose Laedem, The Guardian

Podcasts are huge, to say the least. Because you love them so much, we’ve compiled a list of the best meditation and mindfulness related podcast series of the summer:

1. Untangled by Meditation Studio

Untangled is a beautiful podcast by Meditation Studio. It features a wide range of both experts and regular, everyday meditators who share how the mindfulness practice has impacted their lives. Host Patricia Karpas has covered issues such as “bringing mindfulness to the workplace” “using your brain to optimize focus,” and “how to connect to your humanity and change the world.” 

2. On Being with Krista Tippett

On Being is more abstract in its mindful- and meditation-relatedness than Untangled or 10% Happier but nonetheless is groundbreaking and insightful in its own right. Tippett courageously tackles life’s toughest topics, featuring episodes such as “on music and transcendence,” “shaping grief with language.” As a bonus, Tippett publishes the unedited versions of all her podcasts along with the edited copy. 

3. 10% Happier with Dan Harris

10% Happier the podcast has that same quirky sense of humor that 10% Happier the book gave us a taste of back in 2014. Harris brings something to the table that not many others can: the backing of ABC News. Because of this, he’s able to feature guests that range from the Dalai Lama to John Mulaney. Our favorite topics include “is enlightenment possible for regular people?” “practicing mindful communication” and “unwinding anxiety.”

4. Tara Brach

Tara Brach’s podcast doesn’t really have a title because, honestly, it doesn’t need one. Brach’s presence fills the room even though a podcast and her butter-like voice is just what you expect from one of the world’s greatest meditation teachers. We love this podcast not only because it features topics like “how hope can heal and free us” and “the courage to love” but because it also regularly features 10-20 minute guided meditations. 

4. Mindfulness Meditation by The Rubin

Back in April of this year, The Rubin Museum of Art began publishing this Mindfulness Meditation Podcast. Every week, it puts out a 30-40 minute meditation by a different prominent meditation teacher. So far, that’s included Sharon Salzberg, Tracy Cochran, Rebecca Li, and Lama Aria Drolma. Every single episode is incredible. If you’re just looking for a good meditation, this is the place to go. 


Meditation For Mental Balance and Grounding

Adriene is known for her channel Yoga With Adriene (which we absolutely love). But, every once in a while, she gives us a break from the yoga and puts out a meditation. This is one of our favorites.